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Art and Design

Corbett, Delayne
I sculpt predominately with natural elements -- Stone, Wood, Clay, Ice, Snow, and Fire. I attempt to highlight and accentuate the natural disposition and unique qualities of each medium. By following and manipulating the inherent forms and lines I create tactile and sensual organic abstractions.

Binkley, Michael
Since 1980, Michael Binkley has been creating original stone sculpture in a wide variety of stones, and scale. Visit his on-line gallery to see more.

Cline, Daniel J.
Original stone sculpture in a variety of stones from around the world. Sculpture of wildlife, human figures, abstract and mythical creatures.

Cline, Sandy
The Art of Sandy Cline which exhibits his soapstone carvings with information on carving soapstone and the sources for tools and material.

Emily Schindler
Emily Schindler, stone sculptor. A selection of stone carvings available. Commissions accepted with your specifications.

Euro Stone Studio - Sculpting in Natural Stone - Gernot Kiefer
Sculpting in stone - Our qualified European Master Sculptor can recreate traditional and custom designed work in natural stone.

Goren, Joseph
Joseph Goren has been sculpting for over 40 years, working is various types of stone, such as granite, quartz and marble, as well as in wood and metal. Joseph expresses what he calls "subconscious freedom" through his abstract, dynamic original carvings. His art is distinctive and speaks beyond what words can capture. After living, teaching and sculpting in various parts of the world, Joseph now calls Canada home, where he is in the process of establishing another gallery.

Rose, Chris
Carves in soapstone, alabaster and/or bronze snowboarder, skiers, windsurfers, kayakers, curlers, mountain bikers, ballet dancers and other birds and beasts.

St-Pierre, Denis
Self-taught sculptor, learning mainly from observing, researching and experimenting. He is often inspired by the shape of materials to conceive sculptures directed towards personages, animals and caricatures. Sculpture in wood, antler,metal and stone.

Vander Kooi, Buck
Unique abstract, biomorphic forms in stone including marble, limestone, alabaster, and soapstone. Found in collections in The US and Canada.

Wanner, Floyd
Sculptor Floyd Wanner - Saskatoon, Sask., Canada - creates monumental/garden/table top sculpture in granite, dolomite, alabaster, marble, jade

Wharton, Tom
Soapstone Sculpture, Bears, life models, Hockey players, turtles, whales. Or what evey he finds hiding in the stone. From his (very) dusty little shack in Glen Williams Canada.
Bienvenue à tous les internautes. Je suis du Canada,plus précisément du Québec et plus précisément encore de la région Côte-Nord. Certaines personnes reconnaîtront peut-être cette maison car nous recevons chaque année des gens de: France, Angleterre,Allemagne,Suisse, Canada, Etats-Unis et autres.

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